How To Order Young Living Quality | ORDER NOW


A Wholesale Member will save you over 24% over retail.


Click on any of the Order now Links found through out my site. This will pre-populate Wholesale Member, Sponsor ID, and Enroller ID. Complete the step 1 details with your contact info, Social Security Number (see FAQ), communication methods, and account creation info,


Choose the kit you would like to start with. The best value is the Premium Starter Kit.


Select if you would like to the Essential Rewards Program. Please speak me to if you have any questions. Provide payment details.


Wholesale Member vs Retail Customer?
- Wholesale Member: Gets Wholesale pricing (24% below retail), Required to order a starter kit, Option to join Essential Rewards Program, Option to earn commissions.
- Retail Customer: Pays full retail, Is not required to order a starter kit

What is a member number?
- It is an identification number that Young Living assigns to all of their Wholesale Members. This number allows the person who referred you to Young Living to be rewarded and compensated for their efforts

Why does Young Living need me Social Security Number?
- This is only required when signing up as an Wholesale Member since there is an opportunity to earn commissions. If a distributor earns over a certain amount, Young Living would need to report this to the IRS when taxes are filed.

What are the requirements to maintain an active account with Young Living?
- Over a 12 month period Young Living requires a minimum order of 50 PV to maintain an active account. If you are interested in generating income please speak to me about the compensation plan